Shaheed Memorial Public School is managed under the proud memories of our Indian Martyrs and national fighters.
Shaheed Memorial Public School is one of the most reputed Indian school and a learning https://chiefessays.net/ hub for the new and young generation. The school is located in the Ghaziabad city of Uttar Pradesh and help to improve society since 2014.
The Students in Shaheed Memorial Public School are taught CBSE Course Curriculum, and informally taught Buddhist Philosophy of peace, Non-Violence and Universal Brotherhood.

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Our Mission

To impart quality education by maintaining highest standards on all fronts.
 To ensure the realization of the full potential and comprehensive development of the pupils through curricular and co-curricular activities.
 To enhance the moral, spiritual, emotional and psychological growth of the pupils.
 To synthesize the students towards their responsibilities towards the society and the environment.
 To provide examples to the students through the attitude and behavior of the school staff.

Our Vision

The vision of the education is to build a responsible younger generation with a healthy body and well-trained mind with good habits and accomplishments conductive to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality.

Message By Principal

“I am delight you have taken the opportunity to visit our school website. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the new session. The school should be a place of the joy of a temple of knowledge and home apa literature review template away from home for children strong education systems is the backbone of any nation.”

– Principal, Shaheed Memorial Public School

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Our Videoes